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2018-02-10 10:57:01 by A.P. Murphy
Time: Einstein's Greatest Mistake by A.P. Murphy

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A.P. Murphy
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Einstein, the incomparable genius, misunderstood time.

Here are Einstein’s top temporal errors:

1.Einstein dismissed the present moment as a non-scientific curiosity. Given that the present moment is the totality of our experience of time, it is akin to designing a car and forgetting the steering.

2.Einstein dismissed absolute time for wont of argument. Quantum entanglement in a relativistic setting argues for its reinstatement.

3.Presuming time as a pseudo-dimensional extension of the three spatial dimensions jars with reality. While one moves freely within space, there is no such freedom of movement in time. Try as you might to shoehorn time into spacetime, it is a very uncomfortable fit.

4.By claiming that the rate at which particles age is time itself, was just plain greedy. Time is a priceless jewel and yet Einstein hocked it for a few pennies.

5.At the turn of the last century the known universe only consisted of ordinary matter. Subsequent discoveries of dark matter and dark energy now account for 95% of our universe. There is zero evidence that dark matter or dark energy are ‘time-sensitive’. What incredible luck to have lassoed time with ordinary matter. Too lucky!

6.Einstein relied on measurability to define time, measurement relies on space and time. The definition of time swallows itself in a self-referential paradox. If time is ultimately immeasurable, and the definition of time is wrong, Einstein’s relative time too is wrong.

7.Einstein relied on axioms to define relative time. Axioms are just scientific beliefs. Beliefs are more likely wrong than right (even scientific beliefs). If the beliefs underpinning time are wrong, so too is the definition of relative time.

8.Einstein, through relative time, created a metaphysical chasm between the classical and quantum realms that is simply bridged with a corrected model of time.

9.An Einsteinian universe permits time travel. With infinite time, someone somewhere in time, should crack time travel. Yet our world is hardly awash with tourists taking selfies. A corrected model of time precludes such travels.

10.And number ten in the list of temporal errors is consciousness. Ultimately a serious theory of everything should accommodate consciousness. In a corrected model of time, consciousness not only falls out, it autographs our cosmos.

Einstein took a wrong turn at time. 


Time: Einstein's Greatest Mistake

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