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Judgement (Angels of Death, #5) by Mark A. Latham

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Mark A. Latham
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The Ultimate Judgement volume 5 is part of an ambitious seven volume series, which is designed to rationally and realistically contribute in increasing the population of those who will qualify for residence in Heaven after death. The aim of this entire seven volume series is to supply narratives that reflect real life scenarios, which vividly highlight the context in which the soul will be judged after death; while the goal of the volume is to contribute towards increasing the population of those who will gain admittance to Heaven after death; and to deny demons the opportunity of tormenting and inflicting untold suffering upon many of our sweet beautiful souls after death.
All beings resident on the four lowest spiritual dimensions, comprising: the mental dimension of consciousness, the astral world, the planet earth and also hell, are answerable to a rigorous, infallible and immutable law sometimes referred to as natural law or divine jurisprudence. This intelligent and intelligible law executes its mandate with the highest degree of perfection and fairness. This law is self-regulatory, incorruptible and always in action. The fundamental purpose of this law is to ensure that all beings co-existence in harmony, happiness and peace; and in such a manner that each being exercises his or her freedom of choice in a way that does not erroneously or deliberately encroach upon the freedom, rights, happiness and peace of other beings. Therefore, this natural law is designed to enable us take responsibility for our deeds.
All the thoughts, emotions, words and actions that we exercise during the entire span of our lives are automatically recorded on a magnetic medium known as ether. Therefore, each of us is actually producing a graphic audio-visual record for our lives, for everything that we do. These records are perfectly maintained in the grand library of the universe known as the akashic record. During death, the soul simply vacates the physical body and proceeds to the spiritual world. There, the soul is taken to the post-death chamber of justice, to answer for its life on earth. In that chamber, the film of life for the soul is replayed for the entire duration of its life on earth. Once the soul’s film of life is complete, the grand judge squares its virtuous deeds against its vicious deeds, to determine whether such a person qualifies for Heaven, or should be sent to the reformation centre called hell.
Many souls which are sent to hell always terribly regret and wish they had just half a chance to relive their lives and improve upon all the blunders they have just watched on their film of life. As a matter of fact, many souls go to hell because of lack of the right information while they were alive. Therefore, this ambitious seven volume series examines seventy aspects of human life; and for each aspect, it provides two scenarios – a positive scenario and a negative scenario. The positive scenario aims to encourage you to adopt such as disposition, which increases your chances of going to Heaven after death. The comparative negative scenario is designed to discourage you from adopting such a disposition, which indeed will increase your chances of degrading to hell after death. For instance, for the profession of a medical doctor, the author provides two scenarios. One scenario that vividly retraces the behaviour of a good doctor; and another scenario that retraces the behaviour of a bad doctor. If the doctor reads the book and realises that his conduct is favourable for going to Heaven after death, he or she will maintain it. But if the doctor realises that his conduct is bad for his spiritual future, he or she can then switch to the comparative positive scenario, which has been suggested. There is more than enough space in Heaven for all of us. It’s terribly painful to imagine that some of our sweet brothers and sisters are compelled to go to hell after death. It’s our duty to share the truth; assist and support one anoth


Judgement (Angels of Death, #5)

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