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Friends with Benefits SUCKS by L. Lynn Gilliard

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L. Lynn Gilliard
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From the author of Let Him Chase You and Why Doesn't He Love Me? -- both available at Amazon and Audible.

Your childhood dreams of finding a wonderful guy just for you and getting married haven't quite come true yet. With each rejection or disappointment from men your self-esteem takes a major blow. You start to doubt your attractiveness and worth as a woman.

So when a guy that you like tells you that he just wants a friends with benefits relationship, you go ahead and accept that "title."

But you deserve better than being treated like an occasional booty call, and you know it deep down.

Friends With Benefits Doesn't Work for Most Women

Friends with benefits seems simple enough as an idea, but in reality it's hard on women.

For one, women develop feelings faster than men -- it's a biological fact (see section 2).

Second, sex is lower on the priorities list for women as compared to men.

The List of Priorities for Men and Women, respectively:

A Man's Hierarchy of Desires/Needs in a Woman

A Looker

A Lover

A Supporter Who Believes in Him

A Friend and Confidant

A Woman's Hierarchy of Desires/Needs in a Man

A Protector

A Provider

A Looker/Lover

A Friend and Confidant

So guys get EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT from a friends with benefits relationship while women get little to none of what they really want out of a relationship.

Finally, sex with no strings attached is a very risky proposition for women. It can lead to unwanted pregnancies (children without dedicated fathers), STDs and other unfortunate situations.

I discuss my own shortcoming when it comes to relationships with men in this eBook, and my full-length guide LET HIM CHASE YOU.

Three Steps to a REAL Relationship

This brief eBook lays out a simple three-step process for getting away from friends with benefits disasters and moving toward a REAL relationship with a great guy.

1) Believe in your FULL worth and value as WOMAN again (or for the first time)

2) Attract better quality guys to you (see section 8)

3) Demand what you REALLY want from a guy (not what you think HE wants)

It almost sounds too simple, but it works. What it all boils down to is this:

Men LOVE confident women who know what they want and aren't afraid to demand it. (see section 5)

My eBook FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS SUCKS tells you the following:

* what men love about bitches and bad girls, and what you can learn from them (see Section 4)

* how some men treat women like "cheap prostitutes" (section 6)

* why women get silly and insecure after sex while men get bold (section 2)

* why chasing men only keeps them on the run - let them chase YOU (section 1)

* how to get over being dumped in about a week or so (see section 9)

* how to take the first steps toward conquering low self esteem

* how to use the law of attraction in your dating life to meet and keep a great guy (section 10)

* how to understand the male thought process better (section 5)

* how to change the way you date (section 6)

* what makes a man fall for a woman (section 5)

* how to stop being nice and start demanding what you want (section 7)

* how to distinguish "rocks" from "gems" (section 8)

* how to get over "him" (section 9)

* how to ATTRACT the right types of men into your life (section 8)

* the ONE word that will keep you in FULL control when dating men (section 6 & 7)


Friends with Benefits SUCKS

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